The Ship

Welcome aboard the Motley Ship.

We are an unofficial source of Epson ink cartridges and information regarding the variety of Epson inks, printers, and parts out on the market. The crew’s sole mission is to provide Epson users with new and unused Epson ink cartridges at heavily discounted prices. We take pride in leaving our customers with enough money in their wallets to dine at places other than McDonald’s.

Our Cargo.

We sell only 100% genuine/OEM/official Epson products. In other words, the ink cartridges we sell are not compatible/knockoff/counterfeit ink cartridges you would purchase off some street vendor boasting a stand in the middle of Chinatown.

  1. New Catridges. That means no refills.
  2. Limited Inventory. We get our cartridges from a variety of sources. As a result of all the haggling and negotiation with the kajillions of sellers we deal with on a daily basis, our supply is not steady. Here today, gone tomorrow.
  3. Retail Boxes. As mentioned before, because we acquire from a variety of sellers, some of the cartridges sent out may not come in a mint condition retail box. If you are looking to purchase perfectly new and functioning cartridges from us, then this should not be a problem. But if you are anal about getting your cartridges in crisp cardboard retail boxes, and are willing to pay more for something you are going to rip open anyways, then what are you still doing here?
  4. Expiration Dates. Many of you may have noticed the “Install by Dates” stamped on various Epson ink cartridges. Although we try our best to obtain cargo that is “fresh,” we occasionally offer cartridges that have past their install by dates. These cartridges are discounted even more than their “fresher” counterparts. For more information on expired cartridges, please see the “Expiration Date” article.
  5. Payment. All of the Ship’s products are put up for sale on eBay. We utilize Paypal for all our transactions. It is a safe and secure method of online payment, and we have been using it since we first set sail.
  6. Shipping Options. Yes, we do combined shipping. No, we do not take special shipping orders. It’s either USPS or UPS (for more whopper sized packages). We ship only to the 50 United States and U.S. territories.
  7. Return Policy. 7 Day Return Policy on all cartridges.

Our Articles.

The articles written by the Motley Ship are all original content. In no way do they reflect the views of Epson Corporation or any of its subsidiaries.

Contact The Crew.

Have a question, comment, or rant you would like to share? Leave a message on the page below with your name and email, and we’ll have a chat party.

-Motley Ship


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